What can I read?

Flashers’ Club welcomes flash fiction/short stories from 100 to 1000 words. There is no theme and there is no set genre. We only ask that your story is fiction, is your own original work, and is suitable for public performance. Although we are happy to feature stories dealing seriously with difficult issues, we don’t welcome stories which are pornographic, polemical or otherwise offensive in nature.*

Can I read something other than short fiction?

Sorry, but we can’t feature poetry, non-fiction writing, or extracts from longer works. Do get in touch if you want to find somewhere to read these, and we’ll pass on some details of local writers’ circles and other open mic nights.

Do I need to notify you if I want to read?

No, just come along. We’ll ask readers to put their names down at the start of the evening, and you’ll be allotted a slot. If there are more readers than time allows, we’ll draw names out of a hat.

I want to read. Do I need to be a professional writer?

This event is open mic: it’s for anyone who writes. You don’t need to be a pro and you don’t need to have been published. We’d love to hear you.

Can I read more than one story?

It’s fine to do a couple, if time allows, but we limit it to two per writer. If time’s tight we’ll ask you to read just one, in order to give others an opportunity.

Can I read the same story again?

No, we ask that you read something you have not previously read at Flashers’ Club.

Can I read something of mine that’s been published?

Of course. It doesn’t matter whether the piece is published or unpublished.

Can I come just to listen?

Please do, that would be lovely.

I’m thinking of coming, but I’ll be on my own . . .

This is a great chance to meet others who are interested in literature and in creative writing. We’re on the door to greet you and find out a bit about you. It’s a warm atmosphere, and we’re a friendly bunch. Please do come down!

How is my ticket money spent?

All ticket profits after running costs are donated straight to First Story. Check out our page on First Story to find out more about what they do. We are not a profit-making venture, and we aim to keep our costs as low as possible to maximise our charity donation. Money we spend is used mainly to fund visiting writers’ travel expenses, and also for occasional purchases such as reading stands or lights.

Who’s behind Flashers’ Club?

I’m Alex, I’m a writer and I live in Cheltenham. I’m assisted by a small band of Excel sorcerers, head-shrinkers, literary wizards and promo angels. Flashers’ wouldn’t be possible without them.

You can find me on Twitter @otheralexclark (though if you have any queries about FC, do please direct them to the contacts below rather than to my own account).

Can I contact you to ask more about Flashers’ Club?

Absolutely. You can message or tweet to us on Twitter @flashers_club, comment below this page, or e-mail us via the contact page. We’d love to hear from you.


*We know you would never do that to us, though.