First Story

Flashers’ Club was inspired by the life of Nicola York (1982-2016), writer and humanitarian. In her memory, all ticket profits go to the charity First Story.

First Story places professional writers into schools in deprived areas to encourage disadvantaged children to write. This year, First Story is running writing residencies in 70 disadvantaged schools across the country, which is the largest number of writing residencies yet. Through participating in writing workshops and other activities, students are flourishing in confidence and creativity, and developing key skills that can underpin their future success. The impact of the First Story programme upon students is extraordinary, and can enhance the quality of their lives.

To find out more about First Story, visit their website, here.

To see an example of the kind of writing that First Story students are producing, head over to our blog to read ‘Mid-Air’, a poem by Jolina Bradley of Wapping High School. At the time of writing, Jolina is just twelve years old.



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