Flashers’ Club VII

The seventh Flashers’ Club was the first after we broke for a short hiatus, and it was good to be back. We were privileged to feature flash fiction from international, award-winning author Nora Nadjarian, who read from her collections ‘Girl, Wolf, Bones’ and ‘Selfie’. (You can find out more about her on the Our Readers page, where there is also a link to purchase her books). There was open mic flash fiction from a host of talented regulars and newbies. One person read for the first time (nice one, James!) and one for the last (we’ll miss you, Libby). And there was lots of love for our free fiction, ‘New Ghost Stories III’ by The Fiction Desk – with a little Wendigo connection between its first story and our last.

The open mic featured, in order of appearance: Robin Barker reading ‘The Girl With The Foreign Accent’, Steven John reading ‘Under the Paint’, Michael Hurst reading ‘End of Term’, Howard Timms reading ‘Father, 1960s Style’, Rod Griffiths reading ‘Knocking’ and ‘Dead’, James Northern reading ‘Going In To Bat’, Libby McIvor reading ‘Baptism’ and ‘My Summer Holiday with Mephistopheles’, Marilyn Timms reading ‘Meeting Keira’, Derek Dohren reading ‘Macaroon’s Coconuts’, Robin Barker reading ‘The Dive’, and Charlie Chitty reading ‘The Wendigo’. Check out the Our Readers page to find out more about our open mic readers and where you can find their work.



There was no donation to First Story from this event, sadly. We’ll be reviewing ticket prices and the format of the event to see if there are ways of bringing in a bit more cash. In the meantime: tell your friends!

The next Flashers’ Club will be Thursday November 8th, Smokey Joe’s, 7:30pm. All the usual goodness, guest author TBA.

Author: flashersclub

Flashers' Club is a quarterly open mic short/flash fiction night in Cheltenham, UK.

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