New look Flashers’ Club!

Hey! We’re making a few changes to Flashers’ Club, to help it thrive and to make it an even more positive force in the world of writing. Here’s what’s new:


Straight to the crunch: ticket prices will be going up (though only a little bit). Where we previously offered a concession to open mic readers, the ticket price will now be a blanket £4. We want to be able to carry on doing what we’re doing, offering you lovely Flashers a stage, some inspiration and some free lit, and that means we need just a bit more cash for the following:

  1. Paying our guest readers. We believe that writers shouldn’t be asked to work for free, even for little charity gigs like ours. We all want writing to be a viable way to make a living, so let’s start with the small things. We are only able to offer a token payment, so our guests are still being very generous with their time, but we feel it’s important to at least make a gesture towards the fact that writing stories is valuable work. Also, we want to be able to feature more guest readers, including those who might not be able to join us unless they can at least cover their travel.
  2. Paying for our litmag giveaway (see below).
  3. Helping to support First Story and their work with the next generation of UK writers and poets. We were sadly unable to pass any money to FS after August’s gig.

No ticket money is ever taken as profit or wages.

Litmag giveaway

Each event will now feature one copy of a short story mag, given away to one lucky reader whose name we pull out of the hat at the end of the night. Why just one? Well, we’re going to be paying for it.

We’ve historically asked small presses and litmag publishers for freebies. This is great for spreading the word about their publications, but less great for helping to keep the UK short story scene viable. Publishing short fiction does not make anyone any money. Most mags and sites are run on unwaged love, in people’s spare time, just as Flashers’ Club is. We want to support publishers by paying for litmags. Also, this gives us more choice in the range of mags we can feature (not every publisher can afford to give freebies, or has back copies).

Litmag amnesty

Done with your mag? Back copies and author’s copies clogging up your bookshelves? Bring it to us! We want your unwanted fiction and poetry mags, journals and anthologies. Add them to the amnesty box and anyone who comes to an event will then be able to borrow and read them in return for a small donation to Flashers’. This is a great way to research journals you might like to subscribe or submit to.

Let us know what you think on Twitter, or via the comments section. You can also drop us an e-mail via the contacts page if you’d prefer to comment privately, especially if you’re a rich philanthropist with a sudden urge to fund the arts.



Author: flashersclub

Flashers' Club is a quarterly open mic short/flash fiction night in Cheltenham, UK.

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