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Next Flashers’ Club

Flashers’ Club is currently on hiatus, so there will be no May event. We’ll be back with the usual open mic fun in August 2018. Keep your eye on our Twitter feed and Facebook page for updates.

Flashers’ Club info

Flashers’ Club is a quarterly flash fiction open mic night at Smokey Joe’s Coffee Bar, Cheltenham. Writers read original short fiction pieces between 100 and 1,000 words. You can read about our last event on our blog, and we hope you’ll come to our next event. Bring something to read, or just bring your ears!

We welcome all writers: published writers and unpublished, seasoned readers and debutants. The atmosphere is friendly, supportive and inclusive: no need to fear if you’ve never read before! We want to hear you. We like to bribe our readers with free literature (our events have featured short story anthologies from indie publishers The Fiction Desk and litmags by Prole, Open Pen and The Ham Free Press), so there’s a good incentive to get up behind the mic.

We also feature a special guest writer every session. Pop over to the ‘Our Readers’ page to see who we’ve featured in the past.

Tickets for Flashers’ Club cost £4, or £3 if you sign up to read. All profits are donated to the charity First Story.

Read about past events and see pictures on our blog pages, and check out open mic reader bios on the ‘Our Readers’ page.

For more details, have a look at the FAQs or contact us via the contact page. You can also find us on Twitter @flashers_club, or on Facebook. Follow us or like us to get the latest news and updates.

See you there!